photo de Philippe Ameller

Philippe Ameller

Architect DPLG (Graduated By Government Decree). Member of the Académie d'architecture. After studying advanced mathematics, Philippe Ameller graduates in 1982 from l'École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, in Henri Ciriani’s studio. He works as an associate with François Monnet, then Christiane Schnmuckle-Mollard, with whom he completes a few public facilities in demanding Parisian historic settings. In 1990, he founds Ameller & Dubois with Jacques Dubois.

photo de Jacques Dubois

Jacques Dubois

Architect DPLG (Graduated By Government Decree). After studying an eclectic array of topics such as French Litterature, Car mechanics and History, Jacques Dubois graduates in 1985 from l'École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, Unités pédagogiques d'architecture #4 and #6. In these eraly days, he also earns his long lasting reputation as a stout brass band leader and trumpet soloist in the finest Fanfare des Beaux-Arts. Jacques Dubois first works as an urban planner with Jean Laberthonnière, and then founds Ameller & Dubois with Philippe Ameller.

Founded in 1990 by Philippe Ameller and Jacques Dubois, the firm works prominently in the field of complex public facilities, healthcare buildings and housing projects. It now figures among the most dynamic teams in French architecture.

A staff of more than fourty participates each year to a score of national and international competitions, as well as to project development and management at every stage of the building process.

This website presents these people and our recent production, along with some older projects, indicative of a background, a practice, an evolution.