Alphabetically arranged list of photographers : Agence Ameller, Dubois et associés ; Frédéric Allinne ; Paul Ameller ; Philippe Ameller ; Thierry Ameller ; Bruno Barjhoux ; Luc Boegly ; Marc Bouteleux ; Jacques Dubois ; Mathieu Ducros ; Maxime Dufour ; Emmanuel Dumont ; Guillaume Grasset ; Sergio Grazia ; Jean-Christophe Hecquet ; Camille Henry ; Noëlle Hoeppe ; Jean-Paul Houdry ; Antoine Huot ; Julien Lanoo ; Catherine Laroche ; Guillaume Maucuit-Leconte ; Opictures ; Jean-Pierre Porcher ; Takuji Shimmura ; François Travaux ; Max Warburton.



Unless otherwise specified, all videos displayed on this website were written, filmed, directed and produced by Frédéric Allinne at Ameller, Dubois et Associés multimedia studio. Emmanuel Dumont/Cellules contributed in most of the footage of our teamwork in the practice. François Castelot contributed in 50% of the footage used for the Archirock live performances videos.


The teamwork video soundtrack is Mychael Danna's main theme for Atom Egoyan's film "Speaking parts".

The "Fête annuelle 2012" video uses an excerpt from "Riders On The Storm", written and comosed by Jim Morrison, Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek, John Densmore.

The songs played by the architects brass bands in our video section are traditionnal songs arranged by the brass band musicians themselves.